The mild winter temperatures are perfect for enjoying the self-guided cultural walk around Larnaca city, but if you are unable to participate on foot, you can still enjoy discovering all the sights at home via the new ‘Larnaka Cultural Walk Virtual 360°’ project.

The innovative virtual tour beautifully showcases 30 of Larnaca city’s most popular and significant landmarks and places of interest; split into three categories: seafront and town centre, archaeology and museums, as well as culture and nature. Just as you would choose your route and sights on the physical walk, you can also custom create your own virtual tour.

Combining vibrant visual material with additional information and facts on the places of interest, the virtual tour is very simple to take. After clicking on your chosen site, you can easily navigate the image from all angles to enjoy a complete 360° view with extra aerial views also available for some sights. A VR option for mobile device users adds a further dimension to the tour. Pertinent information – such as historical facts or opening hours and contact details – are indicated by square markers that you can click on to access the information.

The virtual tour is a comforting way to connect with Larnaca if you are missing the city and is also ideal if you are planning a trip for the first time and would like to familiarise yourself with the most popular areas or prepare a list of what you would most like to see in person.

Experience the tour by clicking the button below.