Cyprus is changing, and it will change even more in the next few years with new high rises and multi-storey buildings sprouting up, mainly along the island’s coastal front in Limassol, Larnaka and Paphos.

The citizenship-by-investment scheme and other incentives approved in recent years have made Cyprus an attractive destination to attract both businesses and investors.

Some of the buildings have been completed while most are at the stage of construction and pre-sale of apartments and offices. Others await approval from local authorities. However, the plans are there, and all – whether they are homes, offices or shops — offer luxury and comfort, to tenants and to the public.

Larnaka is to see its fair share of new developments with several high-rise building projects being put forward from local and foreign investors. Once lagging behind other towns in Cyprus regarding development in the construction sector, Larnaka is catching up with rebuilding the Larnaka Marina and a new shopping mall, while gaining height with property projects aiming to draw in mainly investors eyeing the Citizenship for Investment scheme. Some 25-30 residential developments and hotels ranging from 10 to 30 stories are in the pipeline with construction expected to begin over the coming years.

To keep up with Cyprus investments, here is a list of the top 50 high-rise buildings that are under construction or that have been proposed and are planned to rise.

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