Cyprus continues to set records in the tourism sector. August was another month when Cyprus was visited by the maximum number of tourists in the history – 523 651 people.


In July and August this year, the island, for the first time, had more than half a million tourists per month. For comparison, last August there were 458,645 visitors that is 14.2% less. Overall, for the first eight months of 2017, the flow of tourists increased by 14.7%, reaching 2.51 million people. This is also the historical maximum for Cyprus.


In 2016 the Republic was visited by 3.18 million tourists – an unprecedented number and a breakthrough for Cyprus. The country’s revenues from tourism rose to 2.36 billion euros. This year is expected to beat even these record figures. It is forecasted that the number of visitors should exceed last year by 8%.


In particular, this August the number of visitors from Great Britain rose by 7.9%, from Germany by 54.6%, from Sweden by 4.2%.  Cyprus was visited by almost twice as many tourists from Israel as last year. The two biggest markets are still UK and Russia, which account for 35.5% and 22.9% of tourists, respectively.